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EC down south...

I was at a store called Criminal Records in Atlanta tonight. They sell new
and used tapes and CDs and I noticed they seem to have a lot Canadian
music. I mentioned this to the guy at the checkout and, as it turns out,
one of their staffers is from Canada... He told me they were checking out
the "new" Sloan the other day -- he was impressed! I should have asked him
if he'd heard the party album, but I forgot. The Georgia State U radio
station has been playing a lot of Zumpano and Ashley McIssac -- has
Murderecords or Enclave, by chance, sent them a copy of OCTA??? I bet
they'd play it...

Anyway, I finally got the Nerdy Girl disc (for just $10.50!), and I found 2
copies of a full-length US promo release of "Generation 6-Pack" by Pure in
their bargain basement (it's just a cardboard box, really) -- cost me just
$5 for _both_ of them! In all, I got 7 CDs for $42... Not bad!