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al tuck rocked the house!

al tuck, diomio gelato/cinnamon toast headquarters (hfx),last sat night,10pm
 al tuck wore his infamous "CHiPs"-style motorcycle cop sunglasses while 
 entertaining a packedtotherafters crowd with his typically dry humor & 
 fine picking during a 45min set plagued by sound problems (phil 
 sedore,formerly of black pool,was longhaired tech),which miraculously 
 disappeared after a local news cameraman left & the lighting was dimmed. The 
 A fabulous version of "someday the warner"(fr arhoolie,covered by superfriendz 
 on the edgefest7") was a highlight,as were "Not I" & "family photo" (a 
 request). Sweet/surly. Never predictable. Will he be recording again 
 soon? He has so many new songs! (Cool Blue Halo, on the other hand
 -last fri at birdland-same set as the last time they were in town 
 complete with the same encores (sheilacomesaround&sweetiesaid), not to say
 it wasn't enjoyable,just not surprising)...love&happyholidaystoyouall,kat

   "anyone who's anyone will be there, but not I-I-I-I-I" 
      -al tuck, Not I