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just a hello from MOON SOCKET

hello everyone out there! it's chris from the now defunct band eric's trip.
in case you're wondering, moon socket is my new band. not too many people
seem to know about so i thought i'd let some people know. everyone knows
about elevator to hell, and broken girl but not about moon socket. anyhow i
have afew racords out. the newest is on SAPPY. it came out in JULY without
any promotion so i figure thats why no one really knows about it, or no one
cares. it's called "the best thing" and was recorded at stereo mountain
with rick and myself. i played everthing except for drums on a couple of
songs. it's a rock record and totally differant than the derivative C.D..
those of you who have it i hope you like it. those of you who don't and
would like to get it you can get it through SQUIRTGUN RECORDS, SONIC UNYON,
SAPPY and hopefully some record stores. i don't know which ones but i'm
sure sonic unyon are getting them out there somewhere.
 also i may be doing a record with SQUIRTGUN sometime in the spring.
hopefully to be recorded at idea of east in halifax where i now live.
 i also have a beautiful baby girl named AVA. she was born in halifax on
august 27,1996. she's very beautiful.
 also check out the ORANGE GLASS record on squirtgun. it,s amazing. i've
been playing bass for them and i can tell you it,s been really fun.we're
doing some shows in moncton on the 28 and 29th of december. one with the
HC5, an MC5 tribute consisting of members of the monoxides, thee suddens
and elevator to hell at the esquire. the second at club cosmo with idea of
north, the great balancing act and another band who i can't remember.
ORANGE GLASS will be playing both.
 thanks for your time and MERRY CHRISTMAS!
 love chris thompson and family