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Catching up on old mail.


1.) the party album.

A bunch of questions here...

Seeing as there'll be a japanese version, does enclave records have
international counterparts?  Last I remember, (Not that my memory is even
remotely reliable) I had read that enclave was some upstart major
Label-offshoot branch with, like, two bands on it. 
Is this the same enclave that has huge full page (inside cover even!) ads in
the new AP (with the rather unsettling weezer article, and the 5/5 eth
review) one for fluffy, prominantly featuring the phrase, "As pure punk as
the 90's get.", and another for 'september 67' or something?  Is Sloan going
to get this type of advertisment in the new year (minus the "As pure punk as
the 90's get." bit...well maybe not, they *did* do a lot of cover songs, and
just look at how smother came out...)?  Anyway, if the labels aren't one in
the same then I just wasted a whole lotta energy typing this out.

> -------------
> "i can feel it"
> "i am the cancer" (stripped-down version)
> "stood up"
> "same old flame" (will only appear on japanese release)

this may have been covered already, but are the two 7" songs rerecorded or
are they the same version? 
>"on the road/transona five" canned heat/stereolab
is this another medly deal like stove/smother?

2.) sloan in Rip

I actually enjoyed the article, it focused more on the intreresting bits,
rather than the extremely mundane stuff that got published this summer (ie
all those damn andy pederson articles...excluding the newest one they were
nearly all the same article.)

3.) does anyone remember what 70's artist it was who did the song 'Brandi'
(Brandi!....your a fine girl!)?  Anyways, if you ever get a chance to see a
picture of the singer (I believe he was the band's namesake) You will swear
he is rick white (I recently saw a performace type video on VH1).

4.) Regarding the Sloan / Beatles comparison (it's *really* old mail.) it's
nothing new... Just check out the pretty (well maybe not but sort of) similar
drum lines to 'Coax me' and the beginning parts to 'ticket to ride'.