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Re: Catching up on old mail.

"3.) does anyone remember what 70's artist it was who did the song 'Brandi' 
(Brandi!....your a fine girl!)?  Anyways, if you ever get a chance to see a 
picture of the singer (I believe he was the band's namesake) You will swear 
he is rick white (I recently saw a performace type video on VH1)."

The band was Looking Glass, and all I remember is the lead singer looked 
like the guy from Three Dog Night (Chuck Negron, I think his name was [from 
TDN]).  I don't know what Rick White looks like, though...

...but here's a slightly interesting bit of info:  remember the 70s song 
Thunder Island?  ("Sha la la la la la mah lady..." and other deep lyrics)  
It was sung by a guy named Jay Ferguson.