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holiday show listings, coast poll, left hip news

no one has posted this, so i will. 

sloan were recently voted as best local band and OCTA was voted as most
rockin release of 96 by coast readers in their annual survey. best local
songwriter was allison outhit, of rebecca west, and since i did a lot of
the tallying for the survey, i can tell you al tuck was a darn close
second. lonnie james received the most votes for best local drummer (from
the super friendz!). mike catano came in second, but that isn't really
fair :) since he plays in about eighteen bands. sadly, laura smith picked
up best local vocalist. mike o'neilll was also a real contender in this
category. i'm not sure if it's up on the net yet, but you can try looking
at www.isisnet.com/coast.

and for all you fans of _left hip_ a really cool 'zine/occasional
compilation cassette, gordon isnor is back in town and is getting ready to
make a new tape. i don't know who will be on it this time, but last time
it featured hits from al tuck, the motes, chris murphy, piggy, tim robbinz
experience, state champs, and more. stay tuned for more details, i guess.

and has anyone heard the four track christmas tape from cinnamon toast
yet? sure is sweet.

and one last thing: for any out of towners or even townies wondering what
to do this weekend, there is a really big show happening at the birdland
on friday, the winter concert benefit, put on by PF  records and proper
productions (basically the inbreds and the folks who brought you the
halifax on music festival). performances are promised by members of: the
inbreds, sloan, jale, rebecca west, thrush hermit, trike, plumtree, super
friendz, corvette summer, and al tuck. and probably more. advance tix are
$5 with food bank donation only. they are $6 at the door with a food bank
donation and $7 without. all food collected goes to the metro food bank
and the money goes towards the purchase of kids' toys. you can get tix at
dischord and birdland. NEXT friday, sandbox (ugh!) and milo play...milo is
the newest incarnation of what was the purple helmets, so if you're into
that sort of thing...

and don't forget, new year's with lil orton hoggett and his ten cent
wings. new year's eve. $6 advance, $10 at the door. tix at row (scotia
sq), dischord, blowers st. paperchase, biscuit clothing(park lane) and
birdland. and for anyone planning this far in advance, al tuck plays jan.
9 and elevator to hell plays jan. 4.

play safe and have a happy season! :) :)


ps/ aaron petrie, you can come over and pick up a record sleeve for your
seven inch now. call us, eh?

HEY!! Write me at:


after September 30, 1996