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Re: sloan interview article

> If this hasn't been posted yet there's an interview in the #1 issue of
> this magazine.. Geez, my friend actually has it right now and I can't
> remember the title for god's sake. But it starts with an 'R', it's not
> Rip, and I found it at HMV where all those mags like Network, etc. And 
> you can't miss it coz it'll have this 45 minutes with Sloan heading on 
> the cover someplace. The article's ok, a bit funny I thought. 
> Sandy
it's called RAGE, and the interviewer is a complete moron.  it is
calgary's hard rock magazine and isn't worth the paper it's printed on.
it is kinda humourous to read the fellows responses to the dumb-ass
questions from the interviewer.  

that is all i have to say today.
when finished...
rich c.		rgcampbe\!/acs.ucalgary.ca