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Loving the Inbreded Tara costs too much

Hey All
        How is all in the east coast world?  Mine is pissed off.  I resently
went into HMV and was looking for Love Tara as I do not have that yet.  I
have not seen it yet as it is hard to find in such a continnental place as
London.  I saw it finally found it and I was so ready to buy it til I looked
at the price...  $31!!  Is that not a bit to much?  Where else could I get
it for a reasonable price as I want it a lot?  They called it a imported CD.
>From where MORONS!  I asked if I could get a discount as the price was so
exesive, I rose a stink but they would not give it to me cheaper so I didn't
buy it.
        Does anybody else find that coprate record stores rip off the
unexpecting public?  Like Music world 21.99 for Treble Charger: Self titled.
At Sunrise it 13.99 but I've seen times when they add extra dollars on to
the price, so look out for that and their prices seem to go up at Christmas
or maybe they do everywhere.  What do you guys think?  I have half a mind to
mail order all my CDs even though it is not as convienent.
        Also, where can I get the Inbreds first album, as they have one out
before Kombinator don't they.  Sydney or the Bush is very good get it.
        Also to all you zinesters and people who like zines join Zine Scene
mailing list.  When you join say a little bit about yourself and your zine
if you have one.  Okay kay.

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