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Re: sloan in rip magazine

All I know about a Sloan tour is that they may go as far south as
Washington D.C.  Which is too bad cuz I live in Texas and they won't be
coming here :-(  I heard that they may come for South By South West, but
that is HIGHLY UNLIKELY.  But I heard here on Sloannet that The
SuperFriendz and Jale have been considering coming for SXSW.  But these
ARE RUMORS.  If I get any more info I'll check to see if I can pass it

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On Mon, 16 Dec 1996 11:58:29 -0500 (EST) mercuri\!/accent.net (tired~mind)
>>Actually, back in the Peppermint days, as well as most of
>>smeared Patrick played the majority of the bass. He also playes bass
>>on one tune off the stood up/ same old flame 45rpm. The bass has
>>always been quite devided untill recent years.
>right but in THIS day in age....the bassist is kinda considered as 
>Chris......yes no?   they did write the article recently about
>sloan.....they didn't even mention peppermint......hence it was a name
>mistake. i don't really need a sloan history lesson......anywho.....i 
>wondering if anyone could help me out......will sloan be touring in
>southern  U.S .....cuz i've got american friends asking.  so if anyone
>knows the answer to this oh so important question...please mail me.  i
>can't remeber if anything about this has been posted 
>i'll go back to hiding now.
>-dina starr