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Re: playing the little bergs

->      "Anyone who calls their tour a cross-country tour and 
->       only plays shows from Toronto to Victoria is lame.  
->       Saying you won't make any money or that there won't 
->       be 500 people at your show are poor excuses not to play in 
->       Charlottetown or St.John's."

I know it's been a little while since this was posted, and I'm sorry 
it took me so long to respond, but heck, I don't live at my 

While I can sympathize with the "hardships" of coming to either 
province, I can't really empathize.  It's not as hard as a person 
would make it out to be to take the ferry to PEI (I'll use this as 
the example, since I live here).  Sure, the money that you make won't 
be as much as that in, say, Halifax, but what would you expect?  the 
entire province doesn't have as many people as that city. 

It was said in an interview a long time ago, by Chris Murphy 
actually, that the Maritimes are "twice removed" from the rest of 
Canada.  Well, I guess the folks in PEI feel "twice removed" from the 
rest of the martimes, I'm sure a lot of Newfies feel the same way.  

For those of you who have to go to Toronto to see Archers of Loaf or 
whatever, how sad, so do all the folks from PEI.  But why should 
islanders also have to leave their province to see a band that's 
from a city only a few hours away, that is willing to tour everywhere 
else except there?

feeling bad for all the Island kiddies,