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Hey Kiddies!

Well, while this does not seem directly related, my brain has managed to
convince me it does.  Last night I went to see the movie "Hype!"(which has
a pretty cool soundtrack) and got the eerie feeling that Seattle and
Halifax really aren't that much different. Here are the stats and facts
to freaky to ignore:

1) both are on coasts: one is west, the other east. coincidence? no
2) both depend on fishing to one degree or another
3) both have shaggy haired musicians
4) both became increasingly popular during the rise of indie record
     labels (subpop vs. murder)
5) both had major breakthrough artists signed to geffen or its affiliates
6) both had thriving music scenes before the media decided to exploit them
7) both scenes were likened with the 'grunge' connection (though it didn't
     really fit)
8) both have had to deal with tragedy (in vastly different forms) with the
     'breakup' of said major breakthrough artists
9) both had emerging fashion trends (longjohns vs. pumas)
10) both were considered uninhabited before the emergence of their scenes

So, Halifax was pre-destined to emerge as a force in music history. They
had all the right ingredients. 
It was a rather interesting film, more like a rockumentary. Good shots and
interviews of early Seattle bands (ie. Fastbacks, Gas Huffer, MonoMen,
Green River) and I shivered at the similarities between the hype of
Seattle and the hype of Halifax. So, watch for Prince Rupert, BC to be the
next in line (hahaha).

OK, really this time, happy holidays.

Purveyor of useless babble,

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