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Re: sloan in rip magazine

>Actually, back in the Peppermint days, as well as most of
>smeared Patrick played the majority of the bass. He also playes bass
>on one tune off the stood up/ same old flame 45rpm. The bass has
>always been quite devided untill recent years.

right but in THIS day in age....the bassist is kinda considered as being
Chris......yes no?   they did write the article recently about
sloan.....they didn't even mention peppermint......hence it was a name
mistake. i don't really need a sloan history lesson......anywho.....i was
wondering if anyone could help me out......will sloan be touring in
southern  U.S .....cuz i've got american friends asking.  so if anyone
knows the answer to this oh so important question...please mail me.  i
can't remeber if anything about this has been posted already.....sorry.
i'll go back to hiding now.

-dina starr