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Re: s(loaners); limplifters; gene impersonators

> p.s. who's the reprobate calling her/himself 
> gene simmons?! as some of the fold may know,
> there's only one gene simmons and he's 
> here in cowtown- and has been on this list
> since its in(con)ception.
> i was shocked when i saw somebody else claiming
> gene as her/his own. jpyanota was into gene(s)
> long before sloan began ripping off kiss.
You Fool, It's not his fault that his name really is Gene Simmons!
Haven't you ever met anyone with a famous name before? I think i know 
two Mike Jacksons but none of them put out a gold record!
Roger Nelson                 
"And you and your friends can have a laugh!!!"