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Re: Question

>Just so I don't get in trouble for my useless babble, I'll mention that I
>heard the first 3 seconds of Underwhelmed (the feedback part) on a promo for
>an oldies show on Seattle's alterna-rawk station, "the end," today.  That's
>the only time I've heard sloan on that station, but then again I only listen
>to that one in the lav.  Congrats to sloan for making it to the big time!

Another bit of useless babble......I was at one of those mall vendors at 
Mapleview in Hamilton yesterday where you have a picture of yourself 
superimposed onto a picture of famous people.  Anyways, I'm looking through 
the book of musician pictures and there, amongst the thousands of axl and 
bon jovi pictures was a shot of sloan.  It was a full page one, too, from 
Network magasine, circa '94 I believe.  Just to put it into perspective, 
Pearl Jam was the only other "alterna" band in the weighty binder.  Now, 
that's the big time!

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Is the grizzley reaper mowing?  YES!  The danger must be growing for the 
rowers keep on rowing. And they're certainly not showing any signs that they 
are slowing."
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