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Re: Question

>>My name is Mark Sloan. I am curious about why you use the name "Sloan" 
>>when as far as I can tell, no one in the group is named Sloan? I think 
>>it's extremely tasteful, but just wondering in Indiana...

Ha...that sounds like something I like to do when I'm at my friend Mike's
house.  I pretend to be him and use his email to mail other people named
Mike Smith and act all amazed that we have the same name.  I'm
o-so-immature.  I must be one of those people, as the drunk girl from UBC so
eloquently stated (in less polite terms), whose computer is his best friend.

Just so I don't get in trouble for my useless babble, I'll mention that I
heard the first 3 seconds of Underwhelmed (the feedback part) on a promo for
an oldies show on Seattle's alterna-rawk station, "the end," today.  That's
the only time I've heard sloan on that station, but then again I only listen
to that one in the lav.  Congrats to sloan for making it to the big time!


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