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andrew scott's cameo...?

hello, all

this has nothing to do with music, but... well over a year ago i heard of a
film that andrew scott had a cameo in.  apparently his girlfriend was in it
and he taught the guy who played a drummer how to mime for the camera.  does
anyone remember this and know what it was called?  i wanted to see it, but
it was a bit of a flop and it slipped my mind. it seemed as though it would
be alright.

one more thing... i don't mean this maliciously, i swear.  but now that much
of it has come up, why is it that no one waves the "ec content" finger
whenever zumpano or the local rabbits are mentioned?  i guess les amis de
sloan have special privileges... hmmm...? ;)

not that i would have a problem with it *at all*, but i really wouldn't be
surprised to see a stereolab discussion here get away scot-free.

"oh, she must be from toronto"