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Early Erics Trip

I just came into possession of some early ET stuff, and it's super good. I
think the most amazing thing about these tapes is that they show that Erics
Trip never really changed their sound over the years they were together,
especially now when most bands change their sound every album.. 

If anyone is interested in tape trading, i have the following to offer: 

Catapillar EP - Eric's Trip
Gordon Street Haunting - Eric's Trip
Songs about Chris EP - Eric's Trip
First Demo (Dec. 1990) - Eric's Trip
Live at Lee's Palace (1995) - Eric's Trip (bootleg)
Live at the Spectrum (1993) - Sloan (bootleg)
Halifax Pop Explosion (1995) - Eric's Trip (bootleg)
Halifax Pop Explosion (1995) - Elevator to Hell (bootleg)
Halifax Pop Explosion (1995) - Hayden (bootleg)
November 5, 1994 - Sloan (bootleg.. only for die hard sloan fans.. kinda
shitty quality)

Rob B.
Society's Norm