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Seasons Greetings and Final Farewells.

To whom it may concern,
	Which happens to be all of you fuckers who have been clogging my 
box with an unexaggerated average of about one hundred letters a week.
	I DON'T GIVE A FUCK.  This is in part because I'm loaded to the 
gills (I just spelt loaded with a '9' in it) but mostly because all you 
write about is crap.  'Discussion of the the east coast music scene' my 
ass.  You guys are computer junkies who can babble on about anything and 
everything under the sun untill you turn blue in the face, AND, here's 
where the catch comes in, (because I don't really have a problem with 
people who chronically babble on their own) you think 
that everyone else wants to hear what you have to say. 
	I for one am unsubscribing.  I was going to wait untill whatever 
pretentious computer god it is who runs Sloan freck put me on the list, 
but quite frankly, it's not even close to worth the wait.  This thing is 
100% pure nuisance, and unless I decide in the near future to be one of 
those loosers who practically has sex with their computer for five hours 
every day, I will not be resubscribing for a while.
	I am not the first person to have made this judgement call for 
precisely the same reasons, and I shall not be the last.  Thanks to all 
those who have posted inciteful, relevant, and humourous messages.  To 
the other 99% of you, I apologize intensly for insulting you.  It was out 
of place, but like I said, I'm pissed out of my mind, and the little 
discretion I have is not even close to enough to stop me from posting 
this message. Merry Christmas, Happy Channukah, and Seasons Greetings too 
all.  I hope that I have offended some people, because I like doing stuff 
like that.