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Is Rolling Stone actually getting hip?

SO I get the new Rolling Stone today(along with my favourite other
magazine SuperTeen).  Well JTT is up to nothing new, and how bad is Brad
anyways? SO to get to the point on Page 63 of Rolling Stone I see in BIG
BOLD LETTERING  Hayden(heard his name mentioned so I am going to now hunt
down some of his work).  The short snip-it is in an ongoing little sub
section aptly named "BreakThrough".  It goes like this.

	"When Toronto native HAYDEN's demo began circulating, major label
reps fell upon him like starving rats in a peach barrel(Outpost records
triumphed).  Why the fuss? Why the comparisons to heavies like Tom Waits?
 At first, "Everything I Long For," mostly recorded on a four-track in
Hayden's old bedroom in his parents' house, seems deceptively simple -
your basic guy with a baritone and acoustic guitar.  Then you lean in for
the unvarnished deeply personal lyrics, the punk overtones, the strange
back-ground effects(electric train noises and the like). Oh that's why"

So that's how it goes, hope y'all enjoyed it!  And yes once again
Elevator to Hell, Sloan, Chixdiggit, Jale, The SuperFriendz, Thrush
Hermit, The Inbreds, etc., are not mentioned.  Maybe Rolling Stone is
still a corporate slack crap rag.  Yea  it still is.

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his odd
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