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Re: i knew

i would hardly be one to judge the Canadian scene as boring.  
sometimes, i even consider my band a part of it (check out realtime 
next saturday kids for the STEAMING TOOLIE christmas party and a few 
hot new tracks from the upcoming CD "deliciously saucy", complete 
with CHICAGO ripoff horns....oh yes).  anyway, it's just my personal
opinion that pluto have gone down the hill.  but the canadian scene, 
as you said, is quite vibrant and growing and i like to think that 
i'm a purveyor of that.  as for the stuff "over the border", it's not 
"all shit".  i'm just going to leave it at that because i think that 
your comments were completely out of line and you took everything i 
said the wrong way.  but with this many people on sloannet now, that 
has to be expected.  happy holidays, jon

"can i oil your rusty mind"  bob p.
jon bartlett, kelp records person
32 ascot court, fredericton nb, e3b 6c4, canada