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Re: _the party album_ contents

> > -------------
> > "same old flame" (will only appear on japanese release)
> okay kidz,
> 	so I have already volunteered my American services in order to get
> the CD's for any impatient Canadian who cannot wait for it to be available
> on mailorder from Murder. But what I wanna know is who's going to be
> treking over to Japan to get us yet *another* edition of this CD so we
> can have the x-tra-super-special-prize-inside edition of this damn thingy.

umm, i wonder if we could make a mass order thru a music store in japan
and then save on cd cost and get a deal on shipping.  who is putting it
out in japan??  wait, no, that wouldn't work.  how many yen would that be?
i don't know why i wonder, but i do.

doesn't cdnow carry japanese imports??  yes they do, but it works out to
be $36 US for each cd.  that is a lot of yen if my memory serves me

i am going to go now.  thank you for listening.

all right tokyo!
rich c.		rgcampbe\!/acs.ucalgary.ca