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Re: _the party album_ contents

Patrick told me that it is not that good, but it sounds pretty interesting
to me, especially the covers. They played the april wine song at the video
shoot, and it was great, partick and chris sing vocals and harmonize
beautifully. The stereolab cover is really intriguing. I hope they are a
little experimental with some of the songs like the 'stove/smother' cover
they did. Thanks.


At 12:39 PM 12/12/96 -0400, James wrote:
>"i can feel it"
>"i am the cancer" (stripped-down version)
>"stood up"
>"same old flame" (will only appear on japanese release)
>"dignified and old" modern lovers
>"glitter and gold" everly bros.
>"i can't let go" the hollies
>"i wouldn't want to lose your love" april wine
>"on the road/transona five" canned heat/stereolab