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re: Eric's Trip and comp & pay attention, please

hi :)

There is a compilation available in support of the Petitcodiac River in 
New Brunswick featuring 20 bands including Eric's Trip, jale, Hardship 
Post, Orange Glass, Thee Suddens, Purple Knight, and Idee du Nord.  For 
more info, the e-mail address is ecoversi\!/umoncton.ca  or  point your 
browser to http://www.umoncton.ca/ecoversite   The initial information 
was posted to the list on Sept. 29.  

Ok, and here's a reason to keep this message (if seeing "sizzle teen" in 
the sender column wasn't enough for ya ;) ), because i'm getting sick and 
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i'm dreaming of a white christmas...pa rumpa pum pum...

				...sizzle teen