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playing the little bergs

My dear friends,
    I have just read one of the most appropriate, intelligent 
comments ever with respect to touring in this month's Chart magazine 
(which also features a story on The Inbreds...).
    The wonderful thought is found in the Furnaceface article, and the 
particularly paramount passage features Tom Stewart of Furnaceface 
saying the following:                

      "Anyone who calls their tour a cross-country tour and 
       only plays shows from Toronto to Victoria is lame.  
       Saying you won't make any money or that there won't 
       be 500 people at your show are poor excuses not to play in 
       Charlottetown or St.John's."
    Just a little point to ponder.  Ponder at length, if you please.
    Tom goes on to say in the next paragraph: "If you're in a band, 
[chances are] that you're not going to get rich.  You're not going to 
get famous. You might as well get out and see the country."  
    I would love to continue with this topic, but it appears that it 
is a dead end.  Sad, really.

My Canada includes Quebec... and Charlottetown... and St.John's...