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Re: Eric's Trip on a new comp

At 03:49 PM 12/12/96 -0500, you wrote:

>Anyways, it's something other than the MOOSN comp.  It's newer.  Perhaps it
>doesn't exist, and we got the information from someone with false
>information.  If anyone knows more, or can help in some way, please write
>me.  Thanks again for those who wrote me.  I appreciate the help.

I think that you are probably refering to the compilation that was released
to support some cause, i just can't remember what.  Ron Bates posted a thing
about it right at the time when it was released and it had a web address and
an email : ecoversi\!/umoncton.ca   :  I wrote them and got no response.
There is a web site too but i don't have the address any more.

Eric's Trip