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Re: let's talk about headphones....

son of scetchie writes:

>I really like the little snip it of the little kidz "Hey
>Laura, see you tomorrow"(is that how it goes?).  And is it "Forever
>Again" that has that song thats backwards in one ear, forwards in the
>other?  That's pretty fuckin' cool.
Is this true?  (About the song that's backwards in one ear, forwards in
the other.)  If so, which track is it on?  If not, where can it be found?
Also, on "the gordon street haunting" there seems to be something funky at
the end of the b side, first something fiendish and then what seems like
a phone call or something. Does anyone know what it is?  Your help is much

Thanks much,

(it's pronounced chee-ann)