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Just wanted to say that Orange Glass are beautiful.  I have everything put
out except the latest CD (not interstellar, the other one).  It suprises me
that people can still write simplistic power-chord-distortion songs, and
make them still sound completely original.  It's Ron's melodies that does
it.  I can't get his songs out of my head.  All the "wooah wooh,
woahohoh's, you yoouu yoouu's" etc.  AMAZING!!!!  I can't wait to hear the
other CD.

Also, I have a boot from the Sappy Tour of last summer.  It's the July 11
show in Vancouver at a bar, featuring Broken Girl and Orange Glass, and the
sound quality is VERY GOOD!  I have another from July 14, at an all ages
show in Vancouver, but the sound ain't so hot.  Anyways, if anyone would
like to trade for it, please write.  Also, does anyone know any song titles
from songs that Julie plays live but hasn't released yet?