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Eric's Trip on a new comp


Thanks to those who wrote me back concerning the whispers I heard that
there was a new comp out with an Eric's Trip song.  However, it's not the
More of Our Stupid Noise CD.  I guess you suggested that thinking I didn't
know about that comp.  At first I was saying to myself, "What's with these
people suggesting it might be the More of Our Stupid Noise comp.  I'm quite
aware of it's existence, and bought it as soon as it arrived in town.  Who
do these guys think I am?, some dumb fan who knows nothing about music?"
Then I obviously laughed at myself and realized that these people were just
suggesting, and told me in case I didn't know.  What am I trying to say
here?  I'm being stupid....

Anyways, it's something other than the MOOSN comp.  It's newer.  Perhaps it
doesn't exist, and we got the information from someone with false
information.  If anyone knows more, or can help in some way, please write
me.  Thanks again for those who wrote me.  I appreciate the help.