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jale misc.

Hey kiddies!

Thought I'd share a story, as a few of you may be interested. Here it is:

   As I wandered around one of our fine national music stores, who
should approach me but Mr. Green Pepper Records Mogul himself, Brenty
Oliver. In his grossly oversized hand he held a bright orange piece of
paper. "What is that, dear Brenty?" I asked with my usual confused gaze.
"Well Karen, it appears to be a flyer of sorts. Looky here, you've been
quoted!" As I looked at the writing (something made possible by the fine
educational system in BC), I noticed that indeed my name was printed in
part, as well as a few comments made by me to this here list during the
JALE Coffee House Trio Tour. Five of us were quoted, so if you care to see
one of these dealies, check with a national music store as they are
supposed to be used to advertise "So Wound" for the Christmas season or
something equally sneaky, like those magazines at the check-out counter.
Curious, indeed.

That is all for a while. Have a good holiday season.


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