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s(loaners); limplifters; gene impersonators

On Thu, 12 Dec 1996 Lisa the LNUSCIM.JZZFR1\!/eds.com wrote:
> ... I have all the Sloan albums and also the
> Pluto album.  All of Sloan's albums are varied, with one song sounding very
> different from the next.  I have never gotten any two of their songs mixed

(pardon me if i've stumbled on some
previously-stated goodies.)
the only time i've mixed up sloan is with
some other (now defunct) bands...
The Jam's "but i'm different now" comes to mind.
the boys are only varied insofar as they
choose to rip-off new (old) bands
with every new (old) effort.
-ah, but they do it well, don't they?!
as mac from super(c)hunk sings:
"everything's old, there's nothing new!"


p.s. who's the reprobate calling her/himself 
gene simmons?! as some of the fold may know,
there's only one gene simmons and he's 
here in cowtown- and has been on this list
since its in(con)ception.
i was shocked when i saw somebody else claiming
gene as her/his own. jpyanota was into gene(s)
long before sloan began ripping off kiss!