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Re: i knew

	How can you say another boring Canadian band? Do you listen to 
the shit that comes up from the states? All the generic in the moment 
crap that for some ungodly reason seems fit to get airplay? I mean 
Canadian independent music is the most vibrant alive scene in the world! 
I think that it is it's mixture of electicism that keeps it alive. If a 
band like pluto wants to change it's focus, go for it. They are doing it 
for a reason. I mean, I saw them live in Banff 2 or 3 years ago, and I 
agree that the music they had then was much better, in my opinion, but 
they felt they had to change thier style, so they did, but anyways, I am 
not defending PLuto, I am only saying that with all that the Canadian 
music scene has to offer, how can you call it boring???