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pluto, limblifter, and hey! an e.c. band.

Someone wrote (can't tell who, thanks to my weird e-mail system):
> While their overall repertoire
> of Pop Music isn't based in handclapping easy-to-follow '60's song styling
> influences (for examples see..oh, that's right- I forgot where we were....)

I guess this is a slam on Sloan??  I have all the Sloan albums and also the
Pluto album.  All of Sloan's albums are varied, with one song sounding very
different from the next.  I have never gotten any two of their songs mixed

Pluto, however, is a completely different story.  It is just so "samey."
Aside from a couple stand-outs, which initially sound okay but eventually
also become boring, the whole album has little variety.  It's sometimes
difficult to tell when one songs ends and the next begins if you're not
paying extra-close attention.

While I like Limblifter better than Pluto, I also found their album to be
rather "samey."  Which is a shame because there are some interesting aspects
to their music.

Okay, to end on a more positive note, I have been listening to the
Superfriendz' Mock Up Scale Down repeatedly, and it is one of those albums
that starts out pretty good and then just gets better and better.  I have
now reached the stage where I absolutely love it.  I'm looking forward to
their new release.  Do they have any other full lengths already available?
I imagine that most of the list already knows, so response via private
e-mail would be appreciated by me, and I'm sure others.  Being American, I
am unfamiliar with what else they have available.

Thanks for your time!