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i knew

i knew i could keep my mouth shut for quite awhile, since i have an 
insurmontable ability to exert a great deal patience, but when 
rocchi gets into the game, so do i.  i always seem to be cutting up 
bands when i do my bimonthly post, but how can i help it when people 
are talking about the likes of moist and now.....pluto.  never since 
i mother earth have i seen a band change so much, seemingly 
overnight.  i don't claim to be incredibly knowledgeable in the pluto 
field, but i know the difference between what they are now and what 
they were only a year ago.  and it has nothing to do with the label 
(or at least, it shouldn't and i hope it doesn't).  i saw them here 
in town back last fall with hayden and cub and the monoxides and they 
were great.  great musicianship and songwriting.  not incredibly 
eclectic and often same-soundy, but exciting enough to warrant the 
purchase of the great "death star" single.  and i still like it.  but 
to watch them now, it's shocking really.  they are a completely 
different band and seemed to have graduated from the i mother earth 
school of fashion.  they look stupid and they're songs reflect the 
change.  maybe i'm alone here but i don't think so and i hope not.  
they have become another boring canadian band that has nothing to 
say.  it sucks but it's true.  anyway, enough said.  jon 

"can i oil your rusty mind"  bob p.
jon bartlett, kelp records person
32 ascot court, fredericton nb, e3b 6c4, canada