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re:eric's trip and sloan early cassette rumors.

>The second is a cassette of  "Gluegun" by Sloan which was released in 1990
>the year peppermint was released. I don't ever remember this coming out,
>could someone like Mr. Mackenzie clarify it's existance or is this person
full >of shit.

"drowning" was ET's 3rd self released cassette.  I have not heard anything
about the gluegun cassette, but it is probably a promo for smeared, since
smeared was originally titled gluegun.  they had to change the name because
there was a band called gluegun.

Jay, "we were trying to come up with the blandest name possible"
Chris, "we wanted people to think, are they called smeared? or are they
called sloan?"


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