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re:eric's trip and sloan early cassette rumors.

Hello out there this is John Osborne;
Just to clarify this for people familiar with Dave and my Show and connect
the address
I'm using.I also want to say sorry for my terrible grammer,henceforth I
will try to improve
it.So I want some feedback on to titles that someone at a club claims to
have and 
I know only one. The first is the Drowning cassette by Eric's Trip I
assumed this 
cassette was hard to find but this person claims to have it which could be
Anyone know how many were released originally and if it is still avalible.
The second is a cassette of  "Gluegun" by Sloan which was released in 1990
the year peppermint was released. I don't ever remember this coming out,
someone like Mr. Mackenzie clarify it's existance or is this person full of
Note: This person is not an insider to the industry just a joe blow, some
even a bit of a liar. If a member of both the Trip camp and Sloan camp
put this person in there place. Cause if it's true life just got harder.

Anyone with info my email is as follows :indihour\!/passport.ca

 Care of Dave Bookman and John Osborne