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administrivia deluxx (november 1/96)

so here
>once again is the sloannetiquette guide, the FAQ,
>and the resources list, updated to serve you
>better!  :-)
>remember, to unsubscribe, send the message LEAVE to
>	sloannet-request\!/bluenose.canadaweb.com
>thanking you,
>sloannetiquette - last modified october 1, 1996
>When you join Sloan Net, or any list for that
>matter, monitor the messages for a few days to get
>a feel for what common questions are asked, and
>what topics are deemed off-limits. This is
>commonly referred to as lurking. When you feel
>comfortable with the group, then start posting.
>Keep your questions and comments relevant to the
>focus of the discussion group, which in this case
>is the East Coast independent music scene.
>If another person posts a comment or question that
>is off the subject, do NOT reply to the list and
>keep the off-subject conversation going publicly.
>When someone posts an off-subject note, and
>someone else criticizes that posting, you should
>NOT submit a gratuitous note saying "well, I liked
>it and lots of people probably did as well and you
>guys ought to lighten up and not tell us to stick
>to the subject".
>If you can respond to someone else's question, do
>so through *personal* email. Twenty people
>answering the same question on a large list can
>fill your mailbox (and those of everyone else on
>the list) quickly.
>When quoting another person, edit out whatever
>isn't directly applicable to your reply. Don't let
>your mailing software automatically quote the
>entire body of messages you are replying to when
>it's not necessary. Take the time to edit any
>quotations down to the minimum necessary to
>provide context for your reply. Nobody likes
>reading a long message in quotes for the third or
>fourth time, only to be followed by a one line
>response: "Yeah, me too."
>Use discretion when forwarding a long mail
>message. It's preferable to reference the source
>of a document and provide instructions on how to
>obtain a copy. If you must post a long message,
>warn the readers with a statement at the top of
>the mail message. Example: WARNING: LONG MESSAGE
>Resist the temptation to "flame" others on the
>list. Remember that these discussions are "public"
>and meant for constructive exchanges. Treat the
>others on the list as you would want them to treat
>When posting a request for information (e.g.,
>"Does anyone here know how to get a copy of a
>fanzine called _ffiction_?"), or a poll (e.g.,
>"How many listmembers would be in favour of
>stringing up Ron Foley MacDonald by his toes?") to
>Sloan Net, request that responses be directed to
>you personally. Post a summary or answer to your
>question to the list.
>When replying to a message posted to Sloan Net,
>check the address to be certain it's going to the
>intended location (person or group). It can be
>very embarrassing if they reply incorrectly and
>post a personal message to the entire discussion
>group that was intended for an individual.
>Occasionally subscribers to the list who are not
>familiar with proper netiquette will submit
>requests to SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE directly to
>the list itself, instead of to sloannet-request.
>Be tolerant of this activity, and possibly provide
>some useful advice as opposed to being critical.
>Other people on Sloan Net are not interested in
>your desire to be added or deleted. Any requests
>regarding administrative tasks should be made to
>the appropriate area.
>If you are having *technical* problems with Sloan
>Net (e.g. you sent your LEAVE request to
>sloannet-request but you're still getting messages
>days later), send your questions to the
>If you have *content* concerns about Sloan Net
>(e.g. you want to know whether it's OK to post
>about some topic), you can send those to your list
>moderator at
>sloan net FAQ - last update october 1, 1996
>Q:  Where did Sloan get their name?
>A:  Apparently they had a friend whose nickname
>was "Sloan", a contraction of "Slow One."  They
>are not named after the famed manufacturer of
>bathroom fixtures!
>Q:  Are Chris Murphy and Matt Murphy related?
>A:  No.
>Q:  In the lyrics of "Underwhelmed", there's the
>strange line "she told me to loosen up, on the way
>to the LC."  What the heck is an "LC"?
>A:   In Nova Scotia, only government-run stores
>and boutiques are allowed to sell alchohol.  The
>department responsible for this is the Nova Scotia
>Liquor Commission, or NSLC.  So someone going to
>the "LC" is going to the Liquor Commission, i.e.
>liquor store.
>Q:  Where can I find copies of _Dames Dames_ and
>_Inherit the Median Strip_?
>A:  Those are personal projects that were never
>published.  You can ask the author, Laura Borealis
><snobshop\!/aol.com>, about them.
>Q:  Is "Coax Me" about Nirvana?
>A:  No.  If you're looking for an interpretative
>context for the lyrics about "his widow", we
>suggest you think Yoko Ono.  As for the Nirvana
>connection on _Twice Removed_, well, the story
>goes that the lyrics to "Pen Pals" were
>constructed out of actual fan letters to Kurt
>Q:  What is a "sizzleteen"?
>A:  It's just a name that Jay Ferguson took (in
>the lyrics of "Snowsuit Sound") from a
>Superconductor off-shoot band in Vancouver.  Then
>Mike Pick used it again in the Hardship Post song
>"My Secret Life."
>Q:  Is the split 7" where Sloan and Eric's Trip
>cover each other still available?
>A:  No.  However, both songs are available
>elsewhere.  The Sloan cover of Eric's Trip,
>"Stove/Smother", is on the DGC CD/cassette _DGC
>Rarities Vol. 1_.  The Eric's Trip cover of Sloan,
>"Laying Blame", is on the Cinnamon Toast singles
>complilation CD/LP _Trim Crusts If Desired_.
>Q:  Where can I find copies of the early Eric's
>Trip cassette releases?
>A:  Nowhere.  They were sold out years ago and
>were never released by any label.  The only
>pre-SubPop ET release still available is the
>_Peter_ EP on Murderecords.
>Q:  What about the "Belong" 7" single?
>A:  It was released on NIM records of Moncton but
>is now out of print.
>Q:  Have Eric's Trip broken up?
>A:  Yes.  Rick and Mark, along with Tara, are now
>pursuing Elevator to Hell as a fulltime project.
>Julie is going to do a second Broken Girl
>full-length record for Sub Pop.  Chris has
>recently released a second Moonsocket full-length
>CD on Sappy.  There will be an Eric's Trip
>rareties CD released.
>Q:  Have the Hardship Post broken up?
>A:  Yes.  After the Human Touch tour, where Seb
>and Mike tried to go it as a duo, Alyson MacLeod
>(ex-drummer of jale) joined the band.  They
>recorded an album's worth of demos but the only
>record to be released by that version of the band
>is a 7" single on Squirtgun featuring a Mike song
>and an Alyson song.  Now that version has called
>it quits too.
>friendly label mogul today!) - updated nov 1/96
>We do our best to avoid cluttering Sloan Net with
>requests for information about record release
>dates, tour schedules, and that sort of thing. A
>lot of people sign on to Sloan Net looking for
>music information, and sometimes do not realize
>that with a little perserverance, you can usually
>find the information you want *elsewhere*.  Why
>not try first asking the people in the know?
>Here's a breakdown of main sources.
>SLOAN - There is an excellent Sloan website
>maintained by Heather MacEachern and Shawn Morris.
>There's a lot of interviews and articles archived
>there that can offer you a lot of basic background
>about Sloan and the Halifax scene, not to mention
>tour dates, photos, lyrics, tab, and other stuff.
>"the official sloansite"
>"Heather MacEachern" <maenon\!/webgate.net>
>"Shawn Morris" <shawnm\!/webgate.net>
>If the information you want about that upcoming
>Sloan gig can't be found on the web site, and if
>you live in Canada, than try MCA Records Canada.
>Sloan are not an MCA artist per se, but MCA is
>their exclusive distributor. So if you want info
>about tour dates, locations, etc., why not get in
>touch with friendly Cori Ferguson, who is the MCA
>rep in charge of Sloan publicity?
>"Cori Ferguson" <Fergusoc\!/mca.com>
>MURDERECORDS - You're probably aware that Sloan
>run a record label of their own, located in
>Halifax.  Right now, the most prominent bands that
>call Murder home are Sloan, the Super Friendz, and
>the Local Rabbits. Thrush Hermit have moved on to
>Elektra (but don't look for them on the Elektra
>home page because they haven't been added yet).
>Murder has an extensive back catalogue of cool
>records that includes Eric's Trip, jale, and
>Hardship Post. For catalogues, tour schedules, and
>all other inquiries, send them email!
>"murderecords" <murder\!/ra.isisnet.com>
>SUB POP - A lot of east coast music has been
>released on Sub Pop: jale, Eric's Trip, and the
>Hardship Post for starters, and lately, Elevator
>to Hell, Broken Girl, Purple Knight, and
>Moonsocket. Sub Pop maintains all sorts of
>continually-updated useful information about tours
>and releases, which can be accessed through their
>automated email server instantly!
>To find out how to take advantage of this service,
>send the message GET EMAIL HELP (within the main
>body of your text and at the beginning of a new
>line) to
>Sub Pop also have a big website at www.subpop.com.
>CINNAMON TOAST RECORDS - The main bands on
>Cinnamon Toast records these days are Plumtree and
>Rebecca West (that means that for tour info on
>those bands, cinnamon Toast are the people to
>ask).  And there's again an extensive back
>catalogue that you should check out (like their
>compilation LP that includes Hardship Post, Eric's
>Trip, jale, and Bubaiskull).  And yes, they have
>an email address.
>"cinnamon Toast records" <msg\!/ra.isisnet.com>
>SAPPY RECORDS - Run by Julie Doiron Claytor and
>her husband Jon. Full-length CDs by Broken Girl
>and Moonsocket and a plethora of 7" singles.  Jon
>and Julie are not online, but their friend Ron
>Bates, who plays in Orange Glass (3 singles on
>Sappy!) is. He doesn't work for Sappy but he's a
>good source of information and can pass messages
>on to Julie and Jon.
>"ron bates" <batesr\!/nbnet.nb.ca>
>You can also write Sappy directly via snail mail.
>PO Box 25097 Moncton, NB E1C 9M9
>SQUIRTGUN RECORDS - With a forthcoming full-length
>project from Orange Glass, not to mention the
>swan-song 7" from the Hardship Post, indie mogul
>Lee Maslin also distributes Sappy product in
>Ontario (and so he's also a good person to ask
>about Sappy stuff). Check out the _More of Our
>Stupid Noise_ compilation CD that features a lot
>of East Coast bands.
>"squirtgun records" <squirtgn\!/enterprise.ca>
>PF RECORDS - The Inbreds have moved to Halifax
>from Kingston, Ontario, and brought their little
>label with them. Highlights include older Inbreds
>releases as well as a new split 7" with Plumtree.
>You can subscribe to the Inbreds discussion list
>at aa265\!/torfree.net or check out their web page
>at http://www.xe.net/inbreds/.  Drummer Dave
>Ullrich answers their email.
>"Dave Ullrich" <kombinet\!/ra.isisnet.com>
>DERIVATIVE RECORDS - The main bands for Montreal's
>tastemongers these days are Sportsguitar from
>Switzerland and Pest 5000 from Montreal. They're
>obviously not East Coast bands but both are worth
>your attention (and bucks) if clever indie-pop is
>your thing. The back catalogue features jale,
>Eric's Trip, and Moonsocket, so East Coast fans
>should take note.
>"derivative records"
>NO RECORDS - Waye Mason is the man behind this
>enterprise.  Main bands:  Cool Blue Halo, Madhat,
>and the Grace Babies.  You can reach Waye by
>"NO records" <aa551\!/ccn.cs.dal.ca>
>SNOB SHOP - An enterprise of the multitalented
>Laura Borealis. Forthcoming releases from Crappo 2
>and Stinkin' Rich, as well as that spiffy pink 10"
>Snob Shop record.
>"Snob Shop" <snobshop\!/aol.com>
>ANT RECORDS - Truro's mighty Ant Records are best
>known for cassette releases by the Motes and Six
>"ant records" <lapointe\!/fox.nstn.ca>
>DAYDREAM RECORDS - You have Daydream Records to
>blame for the domination of today's indie culture
>by the State Champs, who are about to begin another
>media onslaught in connection with their new split
>7" single with the Motes.   We're also distributors
>of various and sundry marginal east coast indie
>"daydream records" <af557\!/chebucto.ns.ca>
>OTHER LABELS - Sloannetter Patrick Wilkins maintains
>a WWW site featuring a comprehensive list of Canadian
>indie record labels.
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