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Re: ahhhhh!

I hate adding to the pointless messages being sent through sloan-net but i
felt a need to reply to this one.  "Sloan-Net" was never all about sloan (at
least i think it wasnt) but more about a discussion of different
bands/events/concerts happening in the east coast of our fair nation.  I'm
not sure why Mr. Covey chose the name sloan-net but i can only assume it was
becasuse they had sort of a breakthrough of sorts and they were one of the
first in a wave of awsome bands coming form the E.C.  

As for this "mass exodus stopping" i hope that all the people leaving
because they can only talk about one band (that they probably just heard of
a few months ago) and wont open up to discussions about other bands etc.
will all leave, then perhaps i wont come home to 20+ messages 5-10 of them
usually mindless dribble that could have been sent in a personal e-mail
instead of bothering us all.

Ok that all, delete or respond at your leisure.


At 01:51 PM 12/11/96 -0800, you wrote:
>> please oh please for the love of god unsubscribe me.
>If maybe people would talk about Sloan for once this mass exodus would stop.