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I just wanted to say that I live out on the West Coast, and I can't seem to
be able to live without my collection of Moncton music.  I feel kinda
pathetic, but I love these bands so much.  Orange Glass are great.  Simple
power chord pop songs, but with incredible hooks and melodies.  Tara
S'appart has got to be one of the most talented soloists in Canada.  I wish
she'd put out more stuff, perhaps a full length.  Eric's Trip are... well
that's kind of obvious.  There's something about Broken Girl.  Her songs
are so beautiful, so great.  I can't imagine her music not existing.  And
of course Elevator To Hell.  No one writes songs like Rick, and can put
them on tape like he does.  Anyways, I just needed to get that out.
Sometimes you feel alone and all you have is your music.


If anyone has heard the tape "Take Care" by Ensign, and perhaps liked it
and/or were willing to hear some more, there will be a new cass. out in
January.  The songs seem to be getting better, and hopefully the new cass.
will be a progression from "Take Care".