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Was anyone disappointed with the latest ETH 7", Backwards May?  I love ETH,
but they seem to be going in a strange direction.  The first 12' is
AMAZING.  I can't believe how incredible it is.  The Forward To Snow was
great too.  All the songs were fantastic (I'm running out of words).  Then
the Part 3 12" came out, and all though I liked it a lot, it wasn't as
great as the earlier stuff.  And now the latest 7".  It's really
disappointing.  The Analysis song is, well, I don't know... kinda boring.
Maybe I'm being too anal, too fussy.  I don't know,  I just love ETH so
much, they mean everything to me.

Has anyone heard about a recent comp with an Eric's Trip song on it.  My
friend here in Victoria (his name is Jeremy Robinson, whom some of you may
now as he used to live back east) says he heard about it, and is suprised
no one is talking about it.