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Re: let's talk about headphones....

On Wed, 11 Dec 1996 AsiLAm\!/aol.com wrote:

> raaar,
> everyone is so confronting,
> so ready to bite everyone else's heads off.
> anyways, i know that no one is talking about ETH, 
> but I just have say how darnnn wonderful they sound
> on headphones, and all the Eric's Trip albums too....
> What a wonderfully hypnotizing (can't think how to spell
> right now)...having RIck's voice jump from one ear to the next.
> You catch little things on headphones like on track 12 of ET's 
> Forever Again....RIck whispers at the begining of the track..
> " We're in Mark's backyard...about to do a track...it's about 4:30 in the
> morning..."
> I need a spellmaster...
> slightly left of center,
> Malissa
> asilam\!/aol.com
If you haven't listened to all Rick white produced material in headphones 
you cannot fully appreciate them.  He is not just an amazing 
singer/songwriter, but a prodigy at production.  I have no idea how he 
gets his music to sound the way he does, and each song and albumn is a 
VERY carefully crafted 3-d aural landscape.  I hate it that whenever i 
saw eric's trip in canadda the bar was full of drunken jocks shouting 
requests fro "blinded" when I knew that they didn't really listen to the 
music and only liked the fast beats.  Someitmes i wonder how many drunken 
jocks re subscribers here.

"and my stereo.....a viewmaster"