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re: Pluto (No EC)

        The Pluto disc is :
                1) Well played, by four talented and technically competent
musicians. (That is to say, not created by a bunch of 12 year olds with
grand ambitions)

                2) Intelligently written, including some astute cultural
commentary, c.f. "When She Was Happy", "UnCola", and "Black Lipstick" (Note
also Loverboy riff in "When...", a moment of pop appropriation that ranks
with Pulp's "Gloria" steal in "Disco 2000")

                3) Stylistically, in theme and content,  a great new-Wave
record, all hooks and repeated choruses, and sung with either great feeling
and passion (John Ounupuu) or go-to-hell charm (Ian Jones) and pertaining
to frustrated yearnings and doomed attempts. While their overall repertoire
of Pop Music isn't based in handclapping easy-to-follow '60's song styling
influences (for examples see..oh, that's right- I forgot where we were....)
they are rooted in another legitimate pop music tradition, and add to it
remarkably well.

                4) Amazing, and one of the best albums this year.Referring
to it as "So Called Music" casts more than a few doubts on the exact
functioning of your critical faculty and judgment.

Of course, that's my opinion.
  I could be wrong.
     But I'm not.