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Re: let's talk about headphones....

Well you see "Peter" was my first Eric's Trip CD.  SO at first I thought
they were just kinda pukny poppy niches.  Then I got "Purple Blue", so I
was like "Hmmm well this is different".  After that "Love Tara" came into
my life(it's my fave so far).  And I would have to say that "Blinded" is
my fave track off that one.  It's not the "fast" beats.  It's that
whaling banshee scream that Julie pulls at the end.  It tears me in such
a personal way that I can not imagine.  I don't know what the "jock"
scene is in Canada(I did when I lived there but things change, and it
wasn't much at Burnaby South).  But here the jocks are into Hootie and
the Blowfish, Dave Mathews Band, Phish(it's a pot thang), and any other
"alternative"(I HATE THAT IT'S ROCK N ROLL DAMNIT) band that MTV is
injecting into their veins.  But I got "Forever Again" last.  I listened
to it(on my boom box) when I first got it and was just thinking "Dumb"
way to "mellow".  But on my Thanksgiving vacation I listened to it on the
plane(my discman was in tow).  SO then my mind went into some sort of
aftershock of "what the fuck is going on here in my head and to my
ears?".  I personally think that maybe "Forever Again" was meant to be a
"personal" album.  A CD that you listen to alone, at night, on
headphones.  I really like the little snip it of the little kidz "Hey
Laura, see you tomorrow"(is that how it goes?).  And is it "Forever
Again" that has that song thats backwards in one ear, forwards in the
other?  That's pretty fuckin' cool.  I like that one a lot.  But now onto
Elevator to Hell.  There is just way too much trippy stuff going on with
that CD(I only have parts 1-3).  It makes me fell like I am rideing the
zipper trippin' acid and then it switches to riding the marry-go-round
while smoking a nice kind bone.  Personally I wish I could write pleasant
songs like Rick White(well I wish I really could write like Tori Amos). 
He is one of the best for this decade.  I really can not compare him to
anyone.  HE just has this sad, forlorn style.  And its not any of this
"Everyone hated me in High School, my parents gave me a 11:00pm curvue,
Yadda, yadda, yadda, bullshit".  It's love, it is broken love.  And I
just can't get enough of it.  But yes I think Elevator to Hell and some
of Eric's Trip should only be listened to alone, at night, on headphones.

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On Wed, 11 Dec 1996 16:05:46 -0400 (EDT) Adina.Steiman\!/oberlin.edu
>On Wed, 11 Dec 1996 AsiLAm\!/aol.com wrote:
>> raaar,
>> everyone is so confronting,
>> so ready to bite everyone else's heads off.
>> anyways, i know that no one is talking about ETH, 
>> but I just have say how darnnn wonderful they sound
>> on headphones, and all the Eric's Trip albums too....
>> What a wonderfully hypnotizing (can't think how to spell
>> right now)...having RIck's voice jump from one ear to the next.
>> You catch little things on headphones like on track 12 of ET's 
>> Forever Again....RIck whispers at the begining of the track..
>> " We're in Mark's backyard...about to do a track...it's about 4:30 
>in the
>> morning..."
>> I need a spellmaster...
>> slightly left of center,
>> Malissa
>> asilam\!/aol.com
>If you haven't listened to all Rick white produced material in 
>you cannot fully appreciate them.  He is not just an amazing 
>singer/songwriter, but a prodigy at production.  I have no idea how he 
>gets his music to sound the way he does, and each song and albumn is a 
>VERY carefully crafted 3-d aural landscape.  I hate it that whenever i 
>saw eric's trip in canadda the bar was full of drunken jocks shouting 
>requests fro "blinded" when I knew that they didn't really listen to 
>music and only liked the fast beats.  Someitmes i wonder how many 
>jocks re subscribers here.
>"and my stereo.....a viewmaster"