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Re: jale criticism

On Sun, 8 Dec 1996, Heather McDonald wrote:

> How could you fall in love with the band after the first song?  I
> personnally thought it was the worst song on the CD.  Because of it it took
> me awhile before I warmed up to the CD.  The best parts of the CD I think
> are at the end.  Personally I think that there is just some thing missing
> from the album to make it great its the same with the New Grand CD.  It just
> seems like a piece of the puzzle is missing to make it as great as any other
> of my favorite CD's.  It is a solid CD but I guess I feel it wasn't as big
> of step in any direction from their last CD Closed.  If it had that piece It
> would probably be up there with my other favorite CDs.

i think that *so wound* is an incredible improvement after *closed*.
don't get me wrong.. i _loved_ dreamcake and closed, but all the songs
on so wound have this amazing energy about them... i think it's the
addition of mike belitsky as the drummer - alyson wasn't bad but this guy
uses rhythms that are so much stronger.  all in all, this album sounds way
more confident than the others to me...
>         I still like them though and I enjoyed them on Rita and Friends.
> Write to me or the whole list if you think it is relevent enough on what I
> wrote.  Am I the Only one who feels this way.

i missed rita and friends.... drat.. :(


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