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Re: so young etc.

>Hey, if an organization like Sloan Net can't be a source of lively
>discussion and disagreement about music, what is it for? I'm sure I hate

Lively discussion is great, but "...makes me wonder about your musical
education" is an out and out insult. It leaves no room for lively

>I didn't mean to be condescending or hurt your feelings, just to urge you
>to open up a bit. There's a hell of a lot of good music out there, and I'm
>not an expert on any of it but anyone who loves music as much as you
>clearly do would, I think, be doing themselves a favour by expanding their
>horizons. That's all.

I agree completely, and I'm constantly trying to get people to listen to
new things. But I think "These bands aren't indie rock, but they're pretty
cool and you should check them out" is a bit more tactful and less of a
turnoff than "listen to these bands or I'll insult you".

Okay, that's the last I'll ever say about that. Send me all the "listen to
Band X or you suck" mail you want...

so mean, so ugly