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so young etc.

To Shawn et al
Hey, if an organization like Sloan Net can't be a source of lively
discussion and disagreement about music, what is it for? I'm sure I hate
lots of stuff you love, and vice versa. That doesn't mean we have to hate
each other.

I enjoy sparring about music, and you can hate my magazine if you want to
(rejoice if you like, for it is no more and therefore, as a matter of fact,
no, I don't have a hell of a lot to do right now besides reading email,
that's why I rejoined Sloan Net). But just as an aside, the page of impact
you referred to was called on the verge and it was about indie bands that
were about to make it big in our opinion, so obviously ones just about to
be signed appeared in it.

I didn't mean to be condescending or hurt your feelings, just to urge you
to open up a bit. There's a hell of a lot of good music out there, and I'm
not an expert on any of it but anyone who loves music as much as you
clearly do would, I think, be doing themselves a favour by expanding their
horizons. That's all.

So old, so ornery