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Re: Thrush Hermit LP + 7"

sizzleteen asked:

>Which brings me to my question...  Does anyone know if the "Take Another 
>Drag" 7" is still available?  And if i can get it somewhere in Canada, 
>rather than from the parent label in the States?

i got my copy a couple of months ago (a year ago? i forget) at rotate this
in toronto. maybe they still stock it there. also, i think i heard that
rotate also will order stuff for u.. or was that some other store? errr..
all this studying is really getting to me. anyway, one thing i do know is
that if u email the folks at the store, u can mailorder from them. the
address is somewhere in exclaim.

>p.p.s.  Orange Glass' _Protography_ is music not as accessible as their 
>7"s, but still stellar and very varied if you want some really 
>interesting stuff.  It's awesome :) (and cool packaging to boot!)

and don't forget "interstellar interstellar" (on squirtgun records). it's
a really super album and perhaps even more accessible than their 7"'s. oh,
speaking of which, last night at about 5 am (yes, i was still up), i was
listening to the radio and was just about to head to bed when the dj
announced he was going to play a set w/ orange glass, broken girl,
elevator to hell, moon socket, and purple knight. so of course i had to
hear that. 

just procrastinating,


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