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eric's trip's _love tara_, one of the 20 best "lo-fi" records of , all time? (or should that be the new state champs/the motes-split?)

hello there,
this is a mail i sent to the et_etc list a couple of days ago, but as i am
pretty sure that people on here too might be interested in reading it i
decided to send it too sloannet as well. i hope none of you who are on
both lists mind.

anyway, here goes: in one of the major swedish music magazines latest
issues there is a feature on sebadoh, and along with the article (which
is pretty lame as the guy who wrote it didn't like sebadoh until
_bakesale_ came out and really just talked about all the same old sebadoh
cliches that have been around for ages. did you guys know that lou barlow
used to be in dinosaur jr but was kicked off by j?) he listed (what the
staff thinks is) the twenty best lo-fi pop records of all time, and to no
surprise really eric's trip's _love tara_ and _forever again_ were both
on this list. the comment being the following:

"eric's trip reminds of beat happening in the sense that singer rick
white takes on the more rockier, Lemonheads-coloured songs, while the
woman in the band, julie doiron, gilds the more mellow tracks: the ones
with a folkpoppy yo la tengo-touch burnt right to the heart. The band's
name is taken from a song on sonic youth's double album _daydream nation_.

other records listed included the usual gbv, pavement, sebadoh/dinosaur
jr, sonic youth, r.e.m., neil young, velvet underground stuff. neither
archers of loaf nor truman's water were listed, which is a real shame if
you ask me. but what i really don't get is that most of these bands like
for example built to spill never where "lo-fi". they have all recorded in
a studio like any other band so the "lo-fi"-vibe is pretty much gone. i
belive if there must be a label it should simply be (north)american 90's
pop. am i wrong, because for "lo-fi" people should go out and by doo rag's
latest (and wonderfully screwed up and chaotic) _what we do_.

and for the record; i am not trying to start a debate on what "lo-fi" is
(that we have seen all too many times), i just thought i'd let you know
how well-known eric's trip are among the sebadoh/pavement-fans, no matter
where in the world you are.


ps.	state champs and the motes have their new split-single out and for
	everyone into the above-mentioned music, i'd very much recommend
	it. the single has one mighty fine state champs song and two just
	as great the motes songs. the state champs-one is a slow,
	thoughtful and moving piece while the motes lean a bit more toward
	the more up-beat, guitar-focused sort of stuff. both bands are  
	simply great and if you haven't heard them before this is a great 
	chance to do so. (and james, why not include the single as on of 
	the east-coast singles of the year in this year's poll?)