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Re: quite a few things, nothing too important.

On Mon, 9 Dec 1996 twiceremoved\!/juno.com wrote:

> ** does anyone know what label Nerdy Girl is on, and is the cd available
> mail order from anywhere? thanks.

The Cd is on Janken Pon out of Montreal. I think that you can order it from 
Derivative though(as well as other Nerdy Girl releases).

> ** sloan on realtime on the 11th.....is that radio? sorry, i just found
> the canadian station in michigan and i'm not sure..

YES that's FM radio from the Great White North. And don't forget 
Alternafest the week after that featuring Broken Girl and Plumtree.

> ** maybe this should be a FAQ.  i have a bad memory and a messy room and
> i lost the paper that had instructions for subscribing to ET_ETC.  could
> someone please tell me how again? 

Actually I would like to know this also.