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Thrush Hermit LP + 7"

hello hello

i was able to catch a listen to the new Thrush Hermit release.  Man, 
they're rocking now!  Their sound follows in the vein of _GPO_, with 
cleaner guitars and not so much distortion.  More formulated pieces, 
perhaps? (as opposed to just jamming out)  Definitely different than the 
_Smart Bomb_ and _John Boomer_ eps.  Not so "young and hyper" but more 
"growing up and laid back".  Expect a change in sound.  'Tis sweet.  
ESPECIALLY with the inclusion of "Came and Went"!!!!!!

Which brings me to my question...  Does anyone know if the "Take Another 
Drag" 7" is still available?  And if i can get it somewhere in Canada, 
rather than from the parent label in the States?

Secrets aren't meant to be revealed, but good news should be spread...

				...sizzle teen

p.s.  now, the Super Friendz are a band with the right idea by releasing 
their new album on my birthday :)  Makes an otherwise crappy day better.

p.p.s.  Orange Glass' _Protography_ is music not as accessible as their 
7"s, but still stellar and very varied if you want some really 
interesting stuff.  It's awesome :) (and cool packaging to boot!)

carol nishitoba :)   

* please don't (snail-) mail me at my Ottawa address! (only 11 days left) *