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a few things, and something i think important.

Jim Cooper

On Mon, 9 Dec 1996 twiceremoved\!/juno.com wrote:

> ** does anyone know what label Nerdy Girl is on, and is the cd available
> mail order from anywhere? thanks.
no life, p.o. box 461778 l.a. ca 90046.
she's moved to there, so don't try to reach her in montreal, i hear she 
has a rose garden. :)

> ** sloan on realtime on the 11th.....is that radio? sorry, i just found
> the canadian station in michigan and i'm not sure..
that would radio, with leora(sp?) 

I'd like to say a few things about the birdland vs. yuppy condo brats.  

Isn't moving downtown and then complaining about the noise, like moving 
to the country and complaining about the smell of cow shit?  Now that the 
old downtown(barington) is affordable for business which doesn't cater to the 
rich hip, i was hoping it would turn abit more interesting.  I mean, it 
certainly is on it's way, seems to me.  It's frustrating to think that 
this ridiculous group of people might keep the birdland from opening it's 

I wonder if the nearby cathedral will need to keep it's bells 
from ringing too loud, or if the organist will need to 
play softly on suday morinings, to keep from disturbing these ugly 

If it weren't for the fact that the birdland has already sunk so money 
into the new place, and that they're being kicked out of 
their old place, AND that the location might actually help the club to 
make some money, i'd say big deal, find a different spot with better 
neighbours.  But they are being forced out of the brunswick street space, 
and need a place that's relatively convenient, so they can startup right 

This is not just an inconvience, it could break greg clark, and 
put a few folks out of work.  All because of a few whiners, who think 
that the downtown should be like suburbia.  It must be uncomfortable 
walking around with that silver spoon lodged firmly up their colon.

is there any way that people can respond to this?  or is this all money and 



I think two categories should be added to james' survey, 
best performance, and best band.